Early childhood learning is an important step in your child’s social, emotional and academic development. At VPS we strive to make your child’s introduction to school a wonderful experience where they are able to grow while planting the seeds for life-long learning and development. Our qualified teachers are well-equipped to engage your child in the early learning program and help them adapt to a learning adventure designed to stimulate the mind’s creative, intellectual and social awareness.

Primary school

The educational program at this stage focuses on getting the students to learn the integrative habits of mind, which when they enter the upper grades of the school they naturally apply to more rigorously attended disciplines. Emphasis is laid on mathematics and science, languages, arts and technology besides wellness and fitness.

Middle school

In grades 5 and above, curriculum are more rooted in distinct academic disciplines, so that a student will study history, science and technology, mathematics, language arts, fine arts, and wellness and fitness. Discipline-based course content is combined with a variety of integrated student projects. The curriculum is learning-centered, focusing on essential questions and related themes and concepts with interactive support. Stress is also laid on personality development, value education and coping up with changing influences.

Interactive learning

Moving with the times and preparing the students for a global arena, VPS provides cutting-edge teaching tools at the campus which includes:

      • tech-enabled wi-fi classrooms equipped with an interactive whiteboard / computers / LCD projector.

      •  a central repository server for curriculum – support materials, digitized content, 2d and 3d animations mapped to the NCERT curriculum guidelines.