about us

"The opportunity of THE VARMAS PUBLIC SCHOOL education attracts the brightest minds from India and around the world"


We invite you to get a glimpse of the school by exploring our website. Varmas Public School was established in 1999 with a number of seventeen students and today we proudly educate nearly six hundred minds. What defines us is our warm and dedicated team of teaching and support staff who work as one cohesive unit to create a learning environment that is lively, motivating and fun for each child, justifying the motto “Nurturing the minds and hearts in divinity.” As you go through our website, you will learn that our ultimate objective at Varmas Public School is to provide each child with a strong foundation for life, so that he can thrive as a dynamic and well-adjusted citizen of the world


Varmas public school was managed by Varmas charitable trust, a voluntary service organization at Vaikom. Once in a way dreaming the impossible may be a most practical thing to do. The report of the education commission on the emergence of an egalitarian and integrated society, spoke of a dream, a dream every committed educationist in India has, a dream for providing quality education to children in every part of our vast country. This very same dream is what inspires the Varmas Public school to nurture the Vaikom society, even in the remotest, most inaccessible parts of the country and abroad

This has been a venture with a unified vision to create a futuristic school to develop great leaders for the country. The school aims to develop a way to move to an enquiry based skills approach involving students who raise questions, think, reflect, analyze, interpret, experiment, research and create knowledge. The school further commits itself to provide stress free learning environment that will develop competent, confident and enterprising citizens who will promote harmony and peace. Over the years we have made brilliant minds in the form of potential engineers, doctors and states man.



Dinesh Varma